Who We Are

Flat Earth Games is the smallest of the small, a studio which occupies one corner of a larger indie, Epiphany Games, near the harbour in Sydney, Australia (hence the spelling of the word harbour just now). It was founded and is run by two brothers, Rohan and Leigh Harris, who work to launch themselves into stardom mediocrity financial survival with their roster of old-school, 90s-inspired games.

We began life as a developer in early 2012 when we discovered that, while designing our first game, TownCraft, with Epiphany Games’ help, we’d actually need to form a company if we wanted to have control over our own destiny on the App Store. So form one we did, coming perilously close to naming ourselves ‘Full Screen games’, if for no other reason than so we could use the tagline ‘Full Screen ahead since 2012!’. Thankfully, we came up with Flat Earth, a title which harks back to our love of 2D world-creating games from the early 90s, and also the name of a bunch of folks with a rather tenuous grasp of reality whom we found amusing.

Our second game, Metrocide, was created during 2014 and released on 15th December that year, and was the first title we produced entirely under our own steam. We are currently working on an as yet unannounced turn-based strategy game, as well as updating TownCraft and Metrocide.

rohan and leigh picRohan (left) and Leigh (right) Harris – Directors of Flat Earth

Rohan has written and directed two indie feature films along with a dozen or so shorts & serials, and was a contributing writer for Telstra BigPond GameArena, and Player Attack. He paid the rent for years by writing helpdesk and banking-related software, and somehow survived without dying of boredom.

Leigh spent 9 years working in PR for Rockstar Games before leaving to become a games writer. He’s written for a number of publications including HYPER, PC Powerplay, Kotaku and The Guardian. He was also the founding editor of the Australian / New Zealand editions of MCV and Develop Magazine.

On Flat Earth’s titles, Rohan works as the lead programmer while Leigh is the lead designer. The concepts and producer roles are generally handled by both.

Our team

Whenever we’re in the position to get people to contribute to our games in all the areas where we’re sorely deficient, these are our staple team members and their roles on various titles.

Justine Colla – Character/UI Artist (TownCraft)
Corey Attard – Environmental Artist (TownCraft)
Joshua Wright – Animator (TownCraft)
Eliot Fish – Musician (TownCraft)
Piers Gilbertson – Sound Designer (TownCraft)
Damien Lee – Programmer (TownCraft)
Mathew Purchase – Icon Artist (TownCraft) and Lead Artist (Metrocide)
Tim Stobo – QA and Design (TownCraft)
Dave Bray – Programmer (TownCraft)
Krister Collin – Designer (Metrocide)
Danii Johnstone – Voice Actor (TownCraft and Metrocide), Composer (Metrocide)
Isaiah Hinkler – Art Intern (Metrocide)