Who We Are

Our company was founded by two intrepid young horsemen from Sydney, Australia. Bushrangers by day and hoverboard enthusiasts by night, these horsemen are the brothers Rohan and Leigh Harris. Our handy descriptions of one another and the rest of our friendly team are encased in your monitor, some several centimetres below…


Rohan (right) and Leigh (left) Harris – Designers

Rohan has written and directed two indie feature films, is in the final stages of completing his third, is a contributing writer for Telstra BigPond GameArena and Player Attack and is an author of the novel Inconvenient Things.

Leigh began his career at Take Two Interactive in 2001, and has since gone on to worked for 9 years PR for Rockstar Games before becoming a games writer and founding the Australian / New Zealand games industry and trade publication MCV Pacific.

Of the two, Rohan is the idealistic vision-haver and maniac predisposed to whim and whimsy. Leigh is tasked with turning these maniacal and lofty visions into things we actually have the possibility to create. Somewhere there is harmony. Somewhere.







Justine Colla – Character Artist

After wanting to be a game developer for years in high school, my two years at Academy of Interactive Entertainment gave me more knowledge than I could’ve possibly hoped for. I had the opportunity to do an internship towards the end of 2011 with Foundation Games and received invaluable experience in the field. Dabbling in fine arts, and working on my own personal project on the side, I’ve always got something to work on in attempt to better my craft.

When I have free time I love nothing more to spend quality time with friends and searching op shops for weird and wonderful clothing. My favourite game franchises include Guild Wars, Portal and Mass Effect. Artists I aspire to are Charlie Bowater, Phobs and Kekai Kotaki.







Corey Attard – Environmental Artist

I studied at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment for 2 years, and graduated in 2011 (Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development: Art), with an aim to pursue my passion in art, games and music. I consider myself a generalist of videogame art, and am always looking to improve my skills through life drawing and practicing my technique.

I’ve been a gamer and a mad anime fan since I first saw Dragonball Z as a kid, and as such adore the works of Capcom and the Udon art group. I’ve been known to attend fighting game tournaments from time to time.







Joshua Wright – 2D Animator

After working for many years in graphic design and advertising, I did the only sensible thing and threw it all in to make the move into game illustration. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to work on titles for Tin Man Games and Playbit Entertainment, plus kept up with my own drawing, painting and overly ambitious pet projects.

Other areas of interest include dinosaurs, hiking, travel, being rubbish at playing console games and making people laugh at inappropriate moments.







Eliot Fish – Composer

I’ve been a musician and songwriter for many years now, touring and recording with Big Heavy Stuff, Todd Sparrow and The Apartments, as well as releasing a solo EP of melancholy pop, ‘Trick of Light’ (2012), and composing music for theatre, TV, film and games. I’m not new to games, as I was the editor of HYPER magazine from 1999-2004, and have written about games in all manner of print and online publications since the wonderful 16-bit days. I’ve been a producer on Good Game at the ABC since 2010, but I divide my time making television with a passion for music creation.


And our friend from Epiphany Games:


Morgan Lean

The process of making video games appeals to me because its one of the best collaborative there is nothing better than finishing working on the game at 8pm and then getting there and realizing its now 1am and you have been playing network games for hours. Finding the fun in the game you are working on is the most satisfying part of the process.

I’ve been developing games since the late 1990′s, mostly small casual web games for companies like Disney. My personal favourite genres are RTS, Strategy, RPG, and MMORPG. I like all art styles (they all have merit), but prefer fantasy or epic sci-fi. Traits I look for in games are their fun-factor, artistic appeal, context, humour and features.