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Objects_LogoObjects in Space is a modempunk stealth space trading game set in a distant cluster of star systems called Apollo. You’ll manage your own ship from top-to-bottom – customise every feature and function as you try and stay alive in one of the most dangerous places in the universe.

BridgeUnlike most space trading games, where combat is represented much like World War II dogfighting, Objects in Space presents space combat as though the ships were Cold War submarines. You’ll be trying to stay silent while tracking enemies which are millions of kilometres away, poring over scanning arrays in the hopes that you get a lock on them without them finding you first.

Want the lowdown? It’s a big game, so it takes some serious explaining. Here are your three options:

1) Jump on to the all new Objects in Space web site which just launched today and check out the full backstory, details on the combat and engineering and much more.
2) Check out the latest issue of Indie Game Magazine online, which has a four page feature on the game!
3) Do 1) and then 2)

Happy hunting, and stay safe out there. Those asteroids are killers!


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sdf_screen_02A formal announcement about the game has yet to be made, but the next title from Flat Earth is a mini-game called Super Death Fortress!

It’s an artillery shooter for iPhone where you inflict gloriously pixellated hyper-violence upon wave after wave of enemy soldiers.

A temporary splash site has been created at, and we’re now taking emails from people with iPhones (running iOS 8) who are keen to play it ahead of time and give us feedback.

So sign up here (you’ll be added to the Flat Earth Games Mailing List) and help us destroy pixels with wild abandon!

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Leigh Panel 2Got a game idea? A design document? A short pitch document?

Want to know if you’re pitching it well?

Try pitching it to us and we’ll help you refine it.

This Sunday at 10am, Leigh will be on a panel at Game On (part of the Vivid Festival in Sydney) at the Australian Technology Park to do just that! The panel is all about helping you figure out how best to pitch your game, regardless of the idea.

So if you want to know if your game idea is sticky, grab a ticket to Game On and email your game pitch to Leigh and show up at 10am on Sunday to have the panel talk about how you could best present your idea to the world.

Perfect for budding developers who want to know best how to describe their vision to other people – a key component in getting that first bit of attention from press, other developers or whoever might need to care about your game idea!

See you there, and do check out the full speaker program
for a full list of all the awesome talks and panels which are happening this weekend!

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Game On Program PicHey folks!

One of our co-founders Leigh Harris will be at Game On in Sydney shortly presenting panels on multiple topics! Game On is part of Sydney’s awesome Vivid Festival, and will be taking place from 22nd to 24th May at the Australian Technology Park.

Leigh will be on panels discussing his experience in starting Flat Earth with his brother Rohan, as well as being freely open to offer feedback on games people bring to the show.

You can check out the full program of speakers here.

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TownCraft Metrocide Combined ImageAs the headline of this short blog post subtly suggests, both our released games are currently in bundles for PC and Mac!

First up, Metrocide, the relentless cyberpunk arcade stealth-shooter (with very positive reviews on Steam) is in this week’s Humble Bundle! This comes through our Aussie distribution label Surprise Attack, which has us bundled with a whole HEAP of other amazing Australian games, including Over The Top Tower Defence (self-explanatory, really) and Particulars, a weird quantum physics arcade puzzler which was developed in the same office space as Flat Earth! (Hi, Paul and Saul!)

Then there’s TownCraft, our very first baby, which is going on this week’s Indie Gala bundle.

So grab Metrocide for mega-cheap here:

Or grab TownCraft for mega-cheap here:

And hey, tell your friends! The Humble pack is in support of Oxfam and Save the Children.

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It’s taken a while, but TownCraft is now available on PC! No, I swear! No, it’s not Early Access… full release and everything!

Here’s proof. Share the trailer around, let your friends and family know you won’t be seeing them for a while, and give the dog some extra food for the next few days. :)


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So with TownCraft releasing on PC and Steam next Thursday, we though it’d be fun to do a Screenshot Saturday post, but capture it in the highest possible resolution!

I give you the largest TownCraft screenshot ever taken… (click to enlarge)

TownCraft High Res Screenshot Shrunk

FUN FACT: We actually had to manually shrink it to 60 per cent of its size in order for the upload to work.

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TownCraft PC SnippetWith a very special thanks to those of you who have been helping us out with the beta (hint for n00bs: beta keys which are still valid once the game hits version 1.0 were given out to those interested who had subscribed to the Flat Earth Mailing List), TownCraft on PC is almost ready, and will be available just ONE WEEK from today on Steam, Humble Store, Greenman Games, Gamers Gate and many more digital retailers.

At the same time as the PC/Steam launch, we’ll be updating all existing versions of the game with the final challenge map. Entitled ‘The Kitchen Sink’, it’ll throw in everything but! (badum-tish!) So expect all the quirks and kinks from each of the previous challenge maps to all make an appearance.

It’s the ‘Eden Valley’ (the first story map) of challenge maps – heaps of resources and a variety of terrain. This will be the only map where you can do all your favourite things in one handy area: pan for gold, make coconut apparel, fish in swamps, craft scary pike-o-lanterns and anything else from TownCraft that you’d care to name!

Thanks to all our fans for waiting so patiently for the Steam release to come! And stay tuned, as we’re already hard at work on our third game, and have been for some time…

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So we freely admit we may have gotten a little carried away with releasing Metrocide, but it’s out so now, as promised WAAAAAAY back at PAX Australia in 2013, we’ll be bringing TownCraft to PC!

It’ll be hitting Steam and all good digital retailers (including DRM-free ones) on 26th February.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘Leigh, you devilishly handsome rapscallion! That’s a remarkably near date! Are you certain you don’t mean next year?’, and I’m saying no! No, folks! That date is not in error. It’s actually just 4 short weeks away.

Hardcore Flat Earthicans who have subscribed to our mailing list are already playing it to help us iron out the bugs (you really should subscribe to that there mailing list, by the way), and since it already dropped on Mac in early 2014, this version has actually been pretty free and easy.

So tell your friends, grab your nearest cowbell and take to the streets, hire a skywriter because TownCraft is finally hitting PC! Sorry it took so long everybody!

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Wherever there are digital stores which aren’t Origin, there you’ll find Metrocide! The game has launched on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Gamers Gate, Greenman Gaming and HEAPS MORE!

To celebrate, we’re very please to present the Metrocide launch trailer, now up on YouTube and COMING SOON (read: once you click on the link) to your laptop, TV, mobile, tablet or 1979-era Intellivision!

Please do spread the word if you’re a fan, hit us up for a review copy if you’re press, enjoy the game if your a fan who doesn’t like other people and give us a polite nod in the street if it’s not your sort of game!

Thanks so much to everyone for the support in getting to this point, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally out there.

Oh yeah! And get ready to die a LOT. It’s not easy. Not. One. Bit.